Lydia Plain was born in Korca in July 1987.
She early realized that she had a special bond with piano, music and arts, so her parents decided to enroll her in the Public Music School in Korca where alongside basic general education she studied music and piano until the sixth grade.
In adolescence she moved with her family in Athens.
She continued her studies at the Experimental Music School of Pallini, and from which she graduated in 2006.
In the same year she entered the Music Department of the University of Athens to study Musicology.
At the same time she entered the Philippos Nakas Conservatory to study piano under the guidance of top piano professor E. Lalioti.
In 2009 she acquired the piano degree with excellent unanimously.
In 2014 she completes her Musicology degree.

From her teenage years, Lydia has already started to write her own music with the main axis of the piano and her own voice.

Through her material there are (and will be) many pieces with the word Experiment in their title, because Lydia Plain likes experimenting with her art, taking material of one song and using it to explore further and deeper into her zones or unknown to her music paths..

Also, she keeps studying piano pieces of great Masters of Music, like any self-respecting pianist should do. Her recorded classic interpretations can be found on her YouTube channel.

She directs her Musicological scientific ambitions to the Ethnomusicology field by starting in 2014 her first ethnographic music research with fieldwork and recording activities.

In 2009 she starts publishing her music on the internet, deciding to dispose her first songs for free (through downloads). These songs are included in the album: 'Rising Sun', which will have the same title with the first of her zones to be presented. Apart from the free distribution of 5 songs of the album through the soundcloud page, all listeners can obtain this music in good sound quality by visiting her online store at BandCamp, where the 'Rising Sun' digital album is offered including a bonus track, a song called 'I miss you' from the same zone. Later on, she releases one more song from this zone "Trust in me" (November 2014), that actually is an experimentation upon the original "Trust". She shares 3 videos for this song on Facebook (teasers) and YouTube (official music video).
The latest work she's preparing for this zone is a song in greek called "Πώς να δεις" and it's to be released in August 2015...

The songs of the "Rising Sun' zone so far:
  • 0:38
  • Come Here
  • I miss you
  • Loving Stone
  • Moonlight
  • Trust
  • Trust in me (experiment)
  • Trust (love experiment)
  • Πώς να δεις (to be released..)

In May 2014, Lydia Plain releases the first song and portal of her second zone ('Urban Day'), titled "Wondrous Small Earthlings" in digital-single format. The song is available for streaming on her SoundCloud, and for purchasing from her bandcamp store. Later in June 2014 the Official Music video of "Wondrous Small Earthlings" is published on YouTube.
In Spring 2015, an album from this zone is released with the title "Vortex".
In August 2015, more songs of the "Urban Day" zone are to be published within a new mini-album..

The songs of the "Urban Day" zone so far:
  • A Great Day
  • Colors
  • Detune
  • Light
  • Reflections
  • Roses
  • Vortex
  • Watered Bodies
  • Wondrous Small Earthlings